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Burnhard! & Brendan Vintedge

In an ever-growing sea of Electronic Dance Music filled with generic and bland tracks, a new collaboration between BurnHard and Brendan Vintedge has emerged cutting through the static and sub-bass like a blade. These two are showcasing a new sound from the converging music, influences, tastes and markets of EDM and popular music. Blending contemporary musical influences with the more modern sounds of Chillstep/Chillout, Trap Music, Electro House, and Dubstep.

 Both are artists of a different caliber that once worked under different names. Between the two, over 70+ recordings have been released as singles, EP's and Albums; leaving behind an old sound and sentiments to the type of music they made, with a new sound that they wanted to create. With a leap forward into futuristic and intelligent musical territory, they are trying to help change the direction of EDM to a genre with more songs having meaning and feeling; instead of hollow tracks and dance floor fillers.

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